Incense on the Go!

As fun as it is to burn incense the conventional way on charcoal, sometimes you just need a faster solution! With the portable Incense Burner, you can experience the joy and benefits of incense, no matter where you are! 

This sleek, pocket-sized diffuser makes it easy to experience the benefits of aromatherapy on the go. Its small size can easily fit in your purse, backpack, desk drawer, or glove box. 

Whip out your portable burner in the car or infuse the smoke over your laundry, and voila! Enjoy instant aromatherapy and experience the benefits you need to conquer your day. 

Yes, I need it!

" It's not rocket science....but it's pretty close. " Here's how it's done....

And now...the magic stuff!

A curated selection of four iconic compositions to discover. Each is a piece of art; rare, inventive and timeless. Take pleasure in discovering your signature fragrance. Best part, you can mix them up to create your own signature blends!

OXY: A bewitching incense made of powdered Oud and Amber wood mixed with powdered frankincense accented with floral accents of rose and lilies, as sweet as a flow of honey down the throat, with the effect almost of a mysterious potion.

ROX: An extraordinary experience awaits when you smell these Frankincense rocks for the first time! Burning this resin spreads a mysteriously woody, earthy, and spicy fragrance with a fruity lemony nuance, immediately bringing about a calming effect. 

RYO: A powerful fragrance made with the amalgamation of Frankincense with Agarwood and Sandalwood accented with the addictive warmth of the Musk, Amber and Rose Trio. This fragrance deploys its aura of luxury in the air.

XOR: This innovative combination of Oud wood with the warm and gourmet accents of saffron dyes this incense with an aura of mystery and makes the journey madly enigmatic like sipping a woody nectar built around a creamy saffron mix and rose accents.

We use 100% natural and organic ingredients in all our incenses which are sustainably harvested.


Prefer the conventional way? We got you!

Nothing beats the therapeutic experience of burning incense the traditional way on charcoal, the slow diffusion of the pure natural oils with the smoke with the soft crackling sounds of the coal.. Our incense sets have it all, the incenses, the fancy burner, the charcoal, the accesories and more all packaged in a luxury gift box...